Asturias is in the north of Spain with a large coastline facing the Atlantic Ocean. It is very hilly in places—a bit like Scotland but a lot warmer.

It has not been impacted by mass tourism in the way southern Spain has and remains very traditional. Visitors are made to feel most welcome but one has to blend in with the local customs and know at least some Spanish to get by on a day to day basis.

Oviedo is the capital, commercial and administrative centre of Asturias. It is also an important educational and arts centre with a large University and a number of art galleries and museums.

The city has a long history dating back to the 8th century and has many historic buildings including churches and palaces. More recently an impressive Art Nouveau apartment complex was built in the city centre.

But on the outskirts there is much evidence of the fallout from the credit crunch with many half completed and abandoned building site as is common in many parts of Spain.

Outside Oviedo it is very rural and agricultural with the similarities to the Scottish landscape becoming more apparent.

A feature of the countryside are the old grain stores called hórreos built on stone pyramids with smooth sides to prevent rats from climbing into the stores. The undeveloped nature of much of the farmland can be seen by the traditional wild flower meadows which make for a glorious sight in the summer months.

Further north, the Atlantic facing Asturian coastline is quite spectacular featuring cliffs and sandy bays.

The food in Asturias is quite exceptional. In rural areas, there are local restaurants cooking meals for the local residents and agricultural workers. We were served three course lunches including a glass of wine for eight euros, in the evenings it would be twelve euros. Grilled fish features a lot on the menus, all beautifully cooked and fresh.

San Isidoro el Real Church

Oviedo Cathedral

Casas del Cuito,  Oviedo


Sunday, 28th February 2016

San Pedro de la Ribeira, Western Asturias

Countryside Outside Oviedo

Wild Flower Meadow in Asturias

An Asturian Hórreo

Beach at San Pedro de la Ribeira

Coastline, Asturias

Merluza a la Plancha

Pimientos Rellenos

Tarta de Manzana